Pixel Visuals

Pixel Visuals was established with brands and individuals in mind

We're here to help you connect with your audience through understanding that everything worth doing starts with passion, and that's something that we all have in common. Whether you're looking to connect with your clients through photos, videos or music, our team will always work with you to unlock and release that passion into your work

Meet Our Founder

Vinz is a seasoned creative professional with vast experience in the multimedia and marketing industry.

With multiple certifications and years of training in Production and Marketing, he is equipped with both professional and practical knowledge of media production and brand marketing.

He has worked on marketing campaigns for fortune 500 companies like NIKE, PUMA, FENTY, CALVIN KLEIN, GOOGLE, WARNER BROS, APPLE INC and more

Our Creative Process

01. Discovering
& Onboarding
(Brand Deep Dive)

Our team will listen carefully to your needs, Identify pain-points within your business and provide guidance by building a strategy on the process that best tells your story.

Pre-production (Scripting, Storyboarding/shot listing)

Our team will draft up a script and a shot-list that will depict the tone and voice of your brand in the message you want to share.

03. Production

We will provide the necessary equipment and people to capture and handle the creation of the deliverables.

04. Post Production

Once the video has been captured, we’ll take care of all necessary edit, audio mix, color correction, and video splitting “as per agreed deliverables”.

Delivery + 3 Months Ad Management (If necessary or expected)

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